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Minimally invasive, robotic assisted joint replacement

Patient specific surgical plans for superior recovery

Direct Superior Total Hip

Your surgery may be performed using the Direct Superior Approach, a minimally invasive surgical technique used in total hip replacement. This technique may be associated with:

  • Reduced muscle damage 

  • Smaller incision size 

  • Enhanced post-operative recovery 

What are the differences between the Direct Superior Approach and traditional hip replacement?

One difference is the location of the incision. During a traditional hip replacement, the surgeon will make an incision through the IT band, which is a muscle that extends down the outside of your leg from the pelvis to the knee. In a Direct Superior procedure, the surgeon avoids cutting the IT band. 


Another difference is the length of the incision. Traditional hip replacement may require an 10-12 inch incision while the incision used in the Direct Superior Approach may be 3-6 inches in length. 

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